I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 42 years and have tried many treatments and therapies over the years. I recently learned about lymphatic drainage massage and decided to try it. I wasn't sure what to expect. This has been a life changing experience for me. The massage is exceptionally gentle and relaxing. Immediately after, I felt renewed and full of energy. This feeling of exhilaration increased. I really believe LDM is a new lease on life for me. - Jan A.

Ella has been my therapist for 20+ years. When diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, the chronic pain and inflammation responded very well when she switched my massages to Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I recommend Ella and MLD for chronic pain and arthritis. - Jennifer M.

Anytime is a great time for a little pampering – but that’s especially true during pregnancy. I went to see Ella when I was pregnant and my lower back and hips were hurting so badly that it was difficult to walk. Ella’s prenatal massages were terrific and just what I needed! As a physician, I have been extremely impressed with Ella’s specialized knowledge on the issues of pregnancy and the important distinctions between prenatal massage and standard massage techniques. – Elizabeth Thiel, MD

My wife and I have been getting massages from Ella for more then a year. My daughter got us started by giving us gift certificates. Once we experienced how great we felt afterward we have continued on our own ever since. I enjoy relaxing during the massage and concentrate on how good it feels. When the massage is over I am relaxed for the rest of the day. When I leave I am really looking forward to my next appointment. Ella is very personable and professional. I expect to continue massages from Ella for a long time to come. – Tom Mucklin

I have been going to beauty salons and spas along the north shore for many years for facials and massages. All of them were well known establishments with excellent reputations. However, last year I had a recommendation from someone in the medical profession about an esthetician in Racine, WI to go and see Ella. She, bar far, tops anyone I have ever been to for body or skin therapy. Ella is a true professional, absolutely excellent in her work, and I would highly recommend her vast array of services to anyone. – Vivian Edwards

Playing college football left me with injuries late in life, and the older I get, the more I notice them during the winter months. I have been seeing Ella to relieve the aches and pains in my neck and back. I have had many massages over the years, but no one is better than Ella. – Jay Hammes

I’ve been seeing Ella for regular massage therapy and she has made a huge difference in my life! The massages have helped reduce chronic pain from past traumatic injury. I highly recommend medical vacuuming/cupping. I noticed a tremendous improvement in my hip pain after Ella used the treatment in that area. And after several months, the pain hasn’t been back. I’m so grateful! - Julie Rossman